Am I really the only one who liked Kanzleramt?

Let’s for once pretend there is more to life than hanging around in chat rooms…

Dr. Huch has been quite busy these days, no time for chatting, just lots of work that kept me in the office for long hours. So this post will be about the only pastime activity I manage to slip into my schedule now and then.

About two years ago German public television channel ZDF started a new series called „Kanzleramt“ (chancellery) which we were told was inspired by the highly acclaimed American TV series „The West Wing“. I found Kanzleramt to be very entertaining, but seem to have been one of very few with such notion. Viewing rates did not satisfy ZDFs management so the series saw no second season.

I started asking myself: If the knock-off was fun, what would the orignal be like? Unlike many other TV series (some of them had better never crossed the Atlantic, we should consider sending Daniel Küblböck over in revenge) The West Wing was never shown in Germany. Too much American politics for German viewers, they said. The more I read the more my curiosity grew, so I decided to invest in an EU-import from Great Britain and ordered a DVD set of all 7 seasons of The West Wing. My English is normally sufficient to cope with „King of Queens“ or even the notorious „Gilmore Girls“, but The West Wing nearly drove tears in my eyes…lots of people talking fast and concurrently, abbreviations in heaps and lots of political stuff I had only ever heard about because I translated some of the corresponding Wikipedia articles into German not too long ago.

Now, as most of my fellow countrymen I despise subtitles, either you are capable of understanding the real thing or you have to go with the dubbed version, but never ever give me annoying lines of text obscuring a third of the screen…

Ahem. After a few episodes I swallowed my pride and switched on English subtitles, which made life a lot easier. Needless to say that subtitles in Swedish and Swahili were available, but not in German, which was fine with me and somehow soothing for my bashed self-esteem.

I learned quite a lot about American politics and the art of making complicated stuff into an entertaining TV series. And I learned why nobody was willing to translate it to German 😉 „Donna, hol mir die OMB-Unterlagen für das DNC vom OEOB und schieb das Meeting mit dem NAACP auf morgen– hey, does that sound like fun to you?

Also Leute, wem der amerikanische Vorwahlkampf noch nicht unterhaltsam genug ist und wer Lust auf mehr Intrigantenstadel hat, auf Ebay gibts The West Wing als DVD-Sammlung, viel Unterhaltung für relativ wenig Geld…

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